Whether you want to have a professional independent opinion or what a guide how to manage your business to a a success, this a a service you might consider. A consultation includes a thorough analysis of your current situation, a screening of the activities, figures, marketing goals  and management. A recommendation report would include realistic steps to avoid the gaps and increase the profitability on the market. 

A consultation normally includes the following steps: 

  • Screening call to determine your aspirations and needs of your business.

  • Current situation analysis: might require additional information from you and your staff.

  • Report: consist of the current analysis and a realistic marketing plan.

  • Bonus: one follow up meeting 


The marketing planning would cover all the fields of marketing activity and business development and not only concentrate on a certain way of business communication to a client. 

The report is very practical and easy to follow. 

Anti-Crisis Marketing Consultation

Anti-crisis marketing consultations is something I have been doing for a long time. I was lucky to cover several businesses during economic and market break downs. So this is something that I find challenging, something I know how to do and willing to help you.


  • Brief market overview 

  • Optimization of budgets and non-budget marketing steps

  • Report with a step-to-step plan 

  • Follow up on execution (1 meeting) 

Marketing Guidance

Most consultants are also involved in implementing the marketing strategy. They often help monitor results and tweak campaigns as they go to ensure that companies get the best results from their marketing efforts. 


Services associated: 


  • Execution of marketing campaigns/ supervision of execution 

  • Assistance all days during working hours 

  • Training of specialists

  • Controlling contractors 

  • Consumer behavior and customer psychology

  • Social media marketing and popular social media platforms

  • Search engine marketing and search engine optimization

  • Reputation management

  • Image and brand management

  • Trade marketing

  • BTL

  • Creation of required tools: positioning, networking, create&develop website and social media, POS materials, developing PR activity, writing scripts for personnel, negotiations, covering key-clients, copywriting, BTL etc. 

Specific Marketing Goals

Do you exactly know what you lack? A new website? A script for personnel? Brochures? SMM update? I am here to help you. Work can be done in-house, or by a team of contractors with my personal coordination. 

  • POS materials 

  • Online activity: website, SMM, blogs

  • Trade marketing

  • Networking and PR

  • Trainings and scripts 

  • Elevators speech and copywriting 

  • Design

  • Reputation marketing 

  • BTL

  • Presentations

  • Etc.