Julia Ferreira

Practical Marketing

Down-to-Earth | Business-Minded | Anti-Crisis

My name is Julia Ferreira. I am in marketing for over 13 years. I graduated from universities in Europe and the USA with my MBA in Marketing, and have been working in-house and as a consultant for numerous companies. I worked as a manager, consultant, marketing director, development director, tutor and I know I can be helpful. 

My experience ranges from B2B to startups, from big distribution and educational centers to art studio, boutique interior design firm, plant nursery, dental state-of-art clinic, retail etc. I worked with  companies in Western and Eastern Europe and USA. Some companies had considerable team and budgets, in some cases I carried out non-budget anti-crisis marketing. 


I believe that flexibility, collaborative energy, and creative thinking are all essential to a successful business. 


How I am different from other consultants? 


  • I focus on all the marketing activities and give priority to those tool that actually will work. 

  • I treasure your time and budgets. I step in with practical solutions. 

  • I specialize in anti-crisis marketing.

  • I make an overall business analysis that would include the management and team overview. 

  • I carefully listen to what you want.